It was the last game of little league, the last chance to be first or second in the conference, and the last time at bat. 

Twelve years-old old Levi Horner-Villa stepped up to plate with two boys already on base. His pitcher was the best in conference and known for throwing hard curveballs. 

All it took was one curveball.

Horner-Villa hit the ball out of the park bouncing off the scoreboard. The crowd were on their feet cheering, clapping, and smiling. 

That Horner-Villa says is one of his most cherished baseball memories. 

“I play baseball for my parents and for myself”

Levi Horner-Villa

He currently plays baseball at Linfield College and is on the starting lineup. 

His mother and father would help him to continue to practice even after the sun was down. Since the age of five he stood there after practice to work on his craft.

He said it’s the real reason he still plays baseball because of all the time him and his person spent on it.