Linfield College’s women’s lacrosse program has been through a whirlpool of change over the past three seasons. The team has had four head coaching changes since 2016. But the constant change has yet to deter the program from its goals.

In 2016 the team broke their two-year, 31-match losing streak. They won their first game of the season. But even after hard pursuits it was the only win for the Wildcats that season.

The next season the ‘Cats catapulted themselves from the bottom of the conference to being third. Using that success, the lacrosse team is propelling themselves in the 2019 season.

They once again have a new head coach, Lindsay Kibler, and a new starting dynamic. The program recruited three new freshman that have increased the overall stick skills on the field. 

This video showcases the current Linfield lacrosse team.