An audio story about how a simple game of catch turned into a lifelong passion

There’s a classic wholesome moment in almost all family movies that takes place on a green grass yard. It’s when a dad teaches his son how to play catch with a baseball. 

It’s a moment that junior Eli Konsker went through with his father and with his father before him. It’s a moment that would lead Konsker to pitch on the Linfield College baseball team. 

“I don’t remember when the first time I swung a bat was but it was pretty young.”

Eli Konsker

His father Robert Konsker also, taught Eli’s two older brothers to play. 

Eli’s most cherished moments of baseball growing up was when he was pitching to his father. 

The two of them would also watch baseball on television and go to Mariner’s games. Eli said that it has always been a positive relationship when it came to baseball.

That positive relationship is what kept Eli playing and made him passionate about the game.